Beth and Dave Westfahl – pictures of Lakewood Sweet William the Conqueror (Willy) – Karma’s male puppy

Hello, Karen! 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for our new baby boy family member! We appreciate it so much that you allowed us to come and pick him up on Friday, so he had the whole weekend to become acclimated to his new world here with us before the work week started. Thank you, thank you, for giving us the opportunity to choose, and to choose so early in the process.

What a tremendously difficult choice it was to make! All the puppies were so beautiful and with such nice temperaments. I am sure they will all be gorgeous and have wonderful personalities.

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I hope the little pup with the big, beautiful head and the need for the eye-tack is doing well and is happy in his new home. As you know, I was also quite partial to him, but it turns out that Dave was mostly worried that he looked so much like our beloved dog Eddie who passed away that Dave felt we might unfairly expect that puppy to BE just like Eddie. Dave said later to me he thought it would be best to choose a pup that did not look quite so much like Eddie, so we could begin with no subconcious expectations and let the puppy show us his own unique personality. I give Dave credit for his reasoning. Nonetheless, I feel some tenderness about the other pup and I sincerely, with all my heart, hope he is doing well.

Here’s an update on our adorable new pup:

I just thought I’d let you know that our new baby boy pup is already much-adored and seems to be very comfortable and happy with us. (We have not decided on his official name yet, but we plan to have that very soon.)

Would you believe that our puppy did not cry AT ALL on the 3-hour drive home on Friday?!? Unbelievable! He slept on my lap and woke up just once for a potty break on the way. Not a murmur out of him! Amazing.

He is a very bright puppy who is learning so quickly. He is VERY snuggly and loving! He watches our every motion eagerly, follows us around with a happy, wagging tail, and already clearly recognizes that we are his “pack”. He is very friendly with the new people he has met (a few family visitors yesterday), but he seems to recognize that Dave and I are “his people”. The special family bond is already being formed.

He is well on his way with potty training. We are able to read his clear signals when it is time to go out — he heads right for the front door whenever “the urge to go” is upon him. Your early work on potty training is really paying off for us! (Another thank you!)

He slept in his crate next to the bed each night so far with minimal upset. Last night, he cried softly at 1:00 PM to go out for a potty break and then did not wake up again until Dave and I got up to get ready for work at 5:00 AM. What a very good boy!

Right now, he is snoozing in his little crate next to my desk in my home office, enclosed in his new playpen (purchased at Fleet Farm on Saturday – thanks for that tip!). His playpen is right next to my feet, and he has quietly played with his toys or napped during the morning, allowing me work at my computer with just a few potty and play breaks. What a perfect office mate. LOL!

Thank you for all your hard work over the years, breeding such a wonderful line that resulted in our wonderful pup. He will be treated like the little prince he is, with all the kindness and care in the world.
I’ll be sure to send an update to you periodically so you can see his progress. I promise I will keep my future updates much shorter than this, but I had a LOT of thankfulness to share with you today! J

P.S. I hope you enjoy your hard-earned vacation!