Pet Therapy Program at Mayo Health Systems

Rude dog University is thrilled to announce the new Pet Therapy Program at Mayo Health Systems. (Paws Force). We meet every Tuesday from 8 30 a.m. – 11 30 . We visit Onocology, Neuro peds, behavioral health, dialysis, and the waiting rooms in several areas. In the photo is Hannah.  Watch the video from on Pet Therapy.

I just started the program in October. Its been a lot of fun!! The dogs have hand selected for the program are very well trained. Most of the dogs have assisted with Wheel chairs and can answer phones ,carry objects in there mouths etc…

The new Mayo Therapy dogs!!! Nancy and Mack, Joan and willow, Molly and Otis, Karen and Hannah,Nancy and Zippy, Dorothy and Jim Mocha….

Watch for the dogs at the Mayo Hospital on Tuesdays!!
Congratulations for all the dogs that tried out and made it to the top!!  Read more about the Mayo Clinic Pet Therapy Program.