Update on Lakewood’s Sweet William the Conqueror

Hello, Karen!  I hope this email finds you well, and enjoying some time boating in the summer sun!

I am writing to you with a quick update on our puppy, Willy (Lakewood’s Sweet William the Conqueror, out of Karma’s November 14, 2014 litter).  Willy is now 7 months old, and doing very, very well!

What a charming young fellow!  He is happy-go-lucky, smart, very affectionate – and oh-so-handsome!  Everyone who meets him comments on what a great-looking little guy he is.

He recently graduated from his 5th series of puppy obedience classes, so I thought this would be a good time to send you an update.  Please enjoy the first attached picture of Willy at his most recent “graduation” from an obedience class.  🙂  (The teacher/trainer took this picture and put him on her Facebook page.)  I never put costumes on him, so when I slipped on the little graduation cap as a joke during puppy class, I never dreamed that he would leave it on for the whole class, with no protest.

We have concentrated primarily on obedience training for these first few months, but we will soon begin working on some formal hunting training with a local trainer.  Willy is very “birdy” and retrieves well, so we have no doubt that he will also be excellent as a hunter.

I have also attached a picture of Willy at about 4 months old, titled “Pretty Child”, which really says it all, and a picture of Willy at 6 months, where you can begin to see what a handsome head he will have as an adult.  What a beautiful boy!

We love our Willy, and treat him like the little prince he is.  Thank you again for bringing him into the world and letting him come home with us, Karen!  Thank Karma for us, too!  🙂

Have a great summer!


Beth Westfahl

Fremont, WI