Rude Dog University

Rude Dog University - Karen Rude

Our instructors all have 25 years experience in training, showing, Pet therapy, and helping people create wonderful family companions.A trained dog is a wonderful companion and truly a pleasure to own. Our classes teach you how to train your dog, so they are attentive and well-mannered . A dog you can be proud of and love for many years. Through our training they become less likely to show aggression or unwanted behavior toward people or other animals.

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Lakewood Labradors

Lakewood Labradors - Karen Rude

We are located near Eau Claire, Wisconsin, about 1 hour east of the Minnesota border and the Twin Cities.We produce English-type Labrador Retrievers with proper type and temperament, and the ability to perform in field work, obedience, agility, therapy work … and to warm your couch or bed! We strive to produce sound, healthy dogs and all breeding stock has appropriate health and genetic clearances.