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  1. Thanks for the great training Tuesday for Chief!! Rude Dog U is still the best, after all these years!!

  2. I always enjoy you Jean and your children and puppy Dogs!!!! Keep up the good work with Chief!!!

  3. I highly recommend Rude Dog University for training! I refer most of my clients with puppies to Karen – and all of my own dogs are go through the program here!

  4. As first time dog owners, we really didn’t know what we were getting into when we got our Husky pup Gus. We knew to be consistent with commands but didn’t know all the details and the ‘how’ behind training. As a result, Gus started acting out at 3-4 mos old (pulling, disobedience, food aggression, etc.). We were at a loss and didn’t know what to do because we (the humans) needed the most training. Gus did a 1 week board and train with Karen that included a 1 hour private session with me and it was an absolute game changer. We came back with a completely different dog in the best way – he is visibly calmer, happier, and his obedience is close to perfect! Karen’s style of training is no BS – but for dogs, that is how they THRIVE! Because of our great success with Karen, we returned for her to board our dog while we were on vacation and to continue her training program by getting Gus trained Off-Leash. Gus went from, what seemed to us, a wild, untrainable, and angry dog to a very calm, obedient, and happy boy! We could not be happier with Karen’s services and she will have us as clients for life.

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