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  1. Thanks for the great training Tuesday for Chief!! Rude Dog U is still the best, after all these years!!

  2. I always enjoy you Jean and your children and puppy Dogs!!!! Keep up the good work with Chief!!!

  3. I highly recommend Rude Dog University for training! I refer most of my clients with puppies to Karen – and all of my own dogs are go through the program here!

  4. I can’t thank Ms Rude enough for the private lesson which we found so helpful. She was concise directive and just what we needed. We are experienced dog owners with a new dog that’s very different from our others in the past. It was amazing to see the progress happening within only 60 minutes! We got plenty of information to take home to do the daily work required . Thank you so much Karen Rude! You are a breath of fresh air. Toughlove May be the key to having a dog that others want to be around. Thanks for renewing our hope!
    J.&D. Peterson

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